Apr 21, 2010

YOUTH'10 - Malaysia's largest youth festival

Hari ni aku nak kongsi satu info baru tentang Youthsays. Hari ni aku dapat tahu yang Youthsays akan menganjurkan program /event YOUTH'10. Tahun sebelum2 ni pon Youthsays ada menganjurkan program seperti ni. Tapi memandangkan baru tahun ni aku join, so first time jugak la buat aku. YOUTH'10 ini akan diadakan di PWTC pada 28 - 30 Mei.
Ini info yang aku dapat dari Youthsays mengenai YOUTH'10.
People ask. Why YOUTH’10?

The Festival was created for one purpose: to connect a generation of savvy youths with brands, leaders, government and the media.

When we first ran the Festival, we just wanted to create a platform where youths could come away from their computers, and hang out with each other. Meet friends, from other walks of life.

It turned out to be more than that. Some youths, with their talents & hard work, won numerous competitions and walked home richer. Young entrepreneurs were inspired by others, some even started their own businesses after that. Startups began to flourish after being in the attention of the media, and the government even adopted a couple of youth projects.

All these would not have been possible if not for the youths’ tenacious spirit & zestful appetite for great adventures.

But how do we make the best out of the youths’ potential?

It begins with the fundamentals: How youths engage with brands, leaders, government and society. The festival has proven – that with this level of collaboration, anything can happen.

As YOUTH’10 develops over the next couple of months, we are more than excited to share with you the itty gritty details of what’s to come – but for now, here’s a sneak preview of what you might get at the Festival:
Antara aktiviti yang akan diadakan:-Member-member Youthsays yang nak join event ni dan nak dapatkan maklumat lanjut boleh dapatkan disini.. TICKET FREE
Kepada kawan-kawan yang belum lagi jadi member dan nak join event ni jom daftar sini dulu. YOUTHSAYS


Athirah Ibrahim said...

woahh woahh macam beshh. malangnya saya tak dapat pegi. tsk tsk.

rizputra7 said...

oh..ada dapat email nie..tapi tak boleh nak turun ler...rugi2..

MR Bang Miji said...


*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

y must pwtc?
mai la dtg johor..uuu

kenwooi said...

i went to last year's one.. think im not attending this one =)

Miz Kadiah said...

aku tak pernah pergi. lagipun jarang aku joint event ni.. Sibuk memanjang jer..

kak cabai said...

eemmm.. org muda saja.. kak cabai ni dah otai.... umur terlebih sudah...

kayown said...

To Athirah & rizputra7:

xpe next year insyaallah da lagi

To MR bang Miji:
Youth lagi klu umor bwh 35..he3

To elienz87:

Sbb PWTC kan tmpt tumpuan.sakura pon nasib baik sbb tgh practikal kat sini.klu x xmerasa lah nk g event 2..^_^

To kenwooi :

oh u dah attend last year event..i'm xcited 2 atted this event..he3

To Miz Kadjah:

he3..xpe bukan slalu :)

To kak cabai:

akak memang otai ^_^

Nidza said...

ooo..dah dpt tiket ker? akak ada buka booth kat sana...cari fairytales shoppe ye...

Dara lapok said...

tak dpt pegi lah..
huhuhu.. (T^T)
dah masuk matrix dah waktu tu..

huhuhu.. (T^T)
waaaaaaaaa (ToT)

camner ni??